Admission for 2023-24 is now open

What is a Folk High School?

A Folk High School is different from other kinds of schools.
It is a meeting place for young people, where personal growth and responsibility is an important part.
We believe that living together with fellow students at Rønningen, creates an outstanding learning environment.
And the social life at school will be a very important part!


  • At Rønningen you can study the Norwegian Language and Culture in a genuine environment, and make friends from all over the world!
  • You will receive a 200 hours basic Norwegian course - with an option to add 50 hours for an even higher level. 
  • You will work in different ways, from oral and written exercises, games, conversation and interaction with Norwegian students, to hardcore grammar classes.
  • The best way to really learn Norwegian is to get fully intergrated in school life and start trying to use the language in from the beginning. 
  • Therefore, you will have to choose a linje in addition to the Norwegian course.
  • Spending time on a linje will give you the opportunity to practice the language with other Norwegians in everyday life!

Requirements for choosing linje

In addition to the "Norwegian Language and Culture" class, we would like you to choose one linje that you will be connecet to throughout the school year. Here you will get the chance to practice the Norwegian language together with other norwegian students. Be aware that some of our linjer have requirements: 

  • Social engagement, Empower! and Global engagement requires: 
    that you understand and speak Norwegian. This linjer are more theoretical, so you should be able to understand and speak norwegian to follow these linjer. Please contact the school if you are unsure whether this linje is the right for you in terms of language skills. 

  • Top Athletes and Football requires: 
    that you have a certain level in your specialized sport. Please describe what level you are at in the application, or write an e-mail to with more information.

  • Performing music: Vocals, Band or Singer/Songwriter and Music Production requires:
    that you send us a mp3 audio file of you singing, playing your instrument, or send us something you have made yourself or produced. Send to or together with your application! 


Our Linjer

Sports and Ballgames 

Art and architecture


Dancing and creativity 

Top Athletes
*Requires that you have a certain level

*Requires that you have a certain level

Parkour and Tricking 

Singer/Songwriter and Music production 
 *Requires a mp3 audio file from you

Performing music: Vocals
*Requires a mp3 audio file from you

Performing music: Band 
*Requires a mp3 audio file from you

*Requires that you understand and speak norwegian language

Social engagement 
*Requires that you understand and speak norwegian language

Green Living and creative solutions

Global engagement 
*Requires that you understand and speak norwegian language

Please find the application form here

The admission started 1 October 2022, and you are welcome to apply!

We would really like to get to know you, so please describe as much as possible about yourself, your motivation for Folk high school, hobbies and what linje you think is the best choice for you. We would also love to hear about how you learned about Rønningen.

When we have received the application, we will get in touch with you!  

Please note

  • The next schoolyear is from 26 August 2023 -11 May 2024.

  • One year at Rønningen will cost around 128 800 NOK
    (Study trips incur additional cost)

  • All international students are required to pay the school fee in advance, due to Visa requirements. 

  • You must check here if a study permit application is needed. This will depend on your citizenship.​

  • You must have a valid health and travel insurance that will cover your stay in Norway, but also if you want to attend a studytrip in any other country. 

  • You must name a contact person that can host you during the holidays, and help you with administrative things. 

  • It is not a problem if you do not know a word norwegian before you come here, but students are required to have excellent communication skills in English. 

  • All students at Rønnigen will share a doubleroom (or tripleroom). We have a limited number of singlerooms and these are resereved for those with medical or other documented reasons.

  • Nearly all students at Rønningen is 18-19 years old. Rønningen primarlily accepts students that is between 18-22 years old. This is related to how we organize the teaching and the program at the school. 

  • If you have dual citizenship (with a norwegian passport) you must check if you are a member of Folketrygden in Norway. 
    Because if your are, the school insurance will cover you. If not, you will need to apply for a membership (process can take up to 6 months), or you can have your own insurance from the beginning. 

  • Be aware that attending Rønningen is not only a place for learning norwegian language. As a student at Rønningen, you should be interested in participating the general program at the school. Subjects, activities and social happenings is a big and important part of this year!

  • Because this is not a regulary Norwegian course, you can not assume to pass the Bergenstest after one year in Rønningen. The level of proficiency will depend on your own efforts. 

The school trips

  • Included:
    The whole school will go explore three exciting places together. In the beginning of the year, we will sleep outside in wonderful Nordmarka, we will go skiing in Hallingdal and at the end of the school year, we will stay at Strandheim campsite by the Oslofjord.

  • Optional:
    You will get the opportunity to sign up for a study trip abroad together with your linje. Destinations and prices are being claryfied at the moment, but we will inform you when the information is ready. 
    The study trip is not included in the school fee. This will make an extra cost. We will give you more information regarding signing up and paying for the study trip. Information will be updated here. 

  • OSLOVE: 
    Rønningen has a nice alternative for those students who cannot or do not want to attend the study trip with their linje. It is possible to choose to have a study trip in Oslo. You will stay at home at Rønningen, but explore Oslo city in different ways from day to day. 

Skarslia - Hallingdal

Nordmarka in Oslo

Strandheim campsite

A typical day at Rønningen

Rønningen is a place without grades and exams, where you can focus on learning because it is in your interest, not for the teacher to grade you. In Rønningen you will get many opportunities to experience the absolute best Oslo has to offer in terms of culture, nature and urban city life. We also have a lot of activities at school.

Every morning starts with breakfast, followed by a morning assembly. At the morning assembly you receive important information about the week and one of the teachers or school’s staff shares something from their life or talks about events, incidents, stories or topics that the school is interested in.

Afterwards, it is usually linje where we immerse ourselves into the topics that have a focus in our class.

After lunch we continue with linje teaching, common school subjects or electives.

Common school subjects (fellesfag) can for example be that we receive visits from external guests who come to talk about something they are passionate about.

We also have gatherings for those of you who lives together on the same floor – at Rønningen we call it bydelsmøte”. 

In addition, you can choose between different electives; some of them are led by teachers and some are led by students. Maybe you are good at something and want to lead your own elective subject? In other words: the days and weeks are varied and you have several opportunities to develop and immerse yourself in what you are interested in. 

The school area and our lovely view

The school can accommodate up to 190 students in the boarding houses. Students come from all over Norway and many other parts of the world, creating a unique multi-cultural environment. The school year is 33 weeks and runs from August to May.


This is Rønningen

Rønningen folkehøgskole was founded in 1969, and is owned and run by the Norwegian YWCA/YMCA. Located on a hillside, the school has a fine view of Oslo and the Oslo fjord. Although Rønningen is only a 25 minute journey from the city centre, it is surrounded by beautiful nature. Every August, the school welcomes 190 students from all over Norway and all over the world. The students leave having gained new skills and insight, and not to mention, friends for life. Rønningen is a Christian school. We welcome students, irrespective of ideology or faith, but all must be willing to participate in the social life of the school.

A folk high school is a meeting place for young people, where personal growth and responsibility is an important part of the curriculum. At a folk high school, both theoretical and practical knowledge is gained through a variety of teaching methods. Living and working close together creates a strong social environment amongst the students. Learning to overcome such difficulties is seen as an important part of the folk high school education. A folk high school provides not only academic training, but also develops social skills preparing students for the challenges that lie ahead.

The folk high schools do not grant degrees or conduct exams. By law, folk high schools will not conduct any formal examinations and do not issue degrees. After finishing your school year, you will receive a diploma detailing what you have participated in. Although receiving financial support from the state, the folk high schools are independent from the regular educational system in Norway.

International students who wish to continue to study in Norway will not qualify for enrollment as students in a Norwegian college or university. They must meet the same entry requirements as other international students.


All students stay in the boarding houses around the campus in single, double or triple rooms. The single rooms are reserved for those with documented special needs and costs an additional NOK 7 000 - 12 000. Most have on suite bathrooms, but a few students will share facilities with others living in the same corridor. 

Please contact us for further information at

Rules and regulations

  1. A basic value and aim for Rønningen Folkehøgskole is that students and staff shall cooperate in creating and maintaining a safe and caring school-environment including the students health, safety and welfare. The whole school is the students’ home for a year and residential-living is a vital part of the Folkehøgskole-curriculum. Students who fail to act in accordance with these values and aims  requires an appearance before the Disciplinary council, and risks temporary exclusion from the school, as well as loss of the right to attendance.

  2. All lessons, morning assemblies, organized social activities, Saturday seminars, student’s evenings (Friday/Saturday) etc. are compulsory. Students are responsible for cleaning and hygiene at the residential buildings, as well as kitchen and cleaning duty in the common areas. Extensive absence without valid reason is cause for a meeting in the Disciplinary council and may lead to loss of the right to attendance.  

  3. The school-tuition covers lodging, shared costs, study-programme costs, and other expenses and is invoiced in accordance with announced pay-plan. For holders of a Norwegian passport, total expenses are distributed throughout the year, in accordance with the payment plan of Lånekassen. For international students without a Norwegian passport, school fees are due before the start of the school year.  Invoices are to be paid by their due time. Unpaid dues are cause for a meeting in the Disciplinary council and may lead to loss of the right to attendance.

  4. The school has access to the students` rooms at the boarding schools for maintenance, necessary cleaning and during social and pedagogical tuition and learning. (cf. 1) 

  5. The residential areas and campus shall be quiet between 23:00 and 07:15 (24:00-08:00 on Saturdays). Guests must leave the campus and all loudspeakers shall be turned off during these hours. Males and females/couples are allotted separate rooms, and all students are to spend the night in their own rooms. 

  6. Pets are not permitted in the school’s residential area for the sake of hygiene and allergies. Smoking is only permitted at assigned places. Residential area and campus are smoke-free.

  7. The school has wi-fi for students’ use. The access is not to be used for surfing that obviously is a violation of Norwegian law or the school’s values. Abuse may lead to limitation or loss of access. 

  8. Rønningen is a drug-free and alcohol-free school. Consumption of alcohol or visibly intoxicated appearance is not permitted on the schools campus. Violation requires an appearance before the Disciplinary council, and risks temporary exclusion from the school, as well as loss of the right to attendance. 

  9. According to Norwegian law use, distribution and possession of any narcotics, including marijuana, is illegal by law. At Rønningen the prohibition against consumption, possession and distribution applies from first to last day of school, including vacations and weekends. Violation requires an appearance before the Disciplinary council, and risks temporary exclusion from the school, as well as loss of the right to attendance.

  10. Students are liable for any damage of school property or negligent activation of the fire alarm.