NORWEGIAN: Language and Culture


Study Norwegian language and culture in a genuine environment. Combined with immersion into your field of interest


Learn about Norwegian language, culture and way of life through classes and interaction with Norwegian peers. Develop your personal skills by attending one of the school's other subjects.


Educational trip
Bergen, Norwegian Language and Culture

Study and live together with youth from all over Norway and all parts of the world.

A perfect environment in which to deepen your knowledge about Norwegian language, Norwegian culture, intercultural understanding – and yourself. 

A year in Rønningen includes: 

  • A 300 hours Norwegian course. 
  • Practicing your Norwegian while attending classes in art, music, dance, photography, sports or social science with Norwegian peers.
  • Educational trip to Vestlandet and Bergen.  

We strive to give every student challenges on their level, based on their background and goals. A variety of teaching methods are used, and the teacher encourages you to build awareness on what are your best ways to learn and develop. 

As our school is the only folkehøgskole situated in Oslo you have a unique chance to explore the capital city of Norway and all the opportunities this city can offer.

Welcome to a year at Rønningen folkehøgskole - most of our alumnis refer to it as "The best year of my life"!


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(It is possible to turn on English subtitles in the video)



Kristin Riiser Dankel
Lærer norsk språk og kultur
Kristin Riiser Dankel
Christina Thowsen
Christina Thowsen, England/Norge, elev 2016-2017
Mary Wenner
Mary Wenner, USA, elev 2017-2018
Jumaa Alweendo
Jumaa Alweendo, Namibia, elev 2017-2018
Katarina Pavicevic
Katarina Pavicevic, Montenegro 2015-2016